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Zoom Jose Gourmet - Mackerel Filets In Olive Oil - 4.4 oz

Jose Gourmet - Mackerel Filets In Olive Oil - 4.4 oz

Hearty, flaky, delicate—meaty mackerel has a silky texture and lightly cured aroma. Dressed in quality olive oil, this favored fish jumps with ambrosial flavor.

Beautiful on the inside (rich and soft) and outside (iridescent and patterned), mackerel tastes even better than it looks.

This delightfully oily fish is popular in cuisines around the world: baked, grilled, pâté, tartare. It is versatile, wholesome (teeming with vitamins and minerals), and fast…mackerels can swim up to 70 miles per hour. How svelte!

"Tired of living the winter in the dark depths of the sea, a certain chub mackerel decided to change her destiny. Disguised as a fillet, she managed to pass by the seahorse guards. Now she no longer shivers in fear, but shivers because of the cold.” - JOSÉ Gourmet

Pairing: white wines, e.g. dry riesling, ciders, hefeweizens, rum cocktails, e.g. Old Cuban, white port
Serving: serve with rosemary flatbread; pair with coleslaw, fresh onion, and parsley; enjoy with marinated artichoke hearts
Region: Portugal

Ingredients: mackerel, extra virgin olive oil, salt

Jose Gourmet - Mackerel Filets In Olive Oil - 4.4 oz



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