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Zoom Birra Dolomiti - 6/11.159 fl oz

Birra Dolomiti - 6/11.159 fl oz


Birra Dolomiti is an easy-to-drink blond lager from Fabbrica in Pedavena, brewed in Veneto, Italy.
Style: Pils
Hops: Sterling and Cascade hops
Body: Foraged wild hops
Alcohol: 4.9%
330 ml

These recipes are made with the use of 100% Italian cereals and a selection of the best European hops. Respect for the right fermentation times and long maturation at 0 ° C make these beers unique. The ingredients also include Dolomite barley malt, a raw material resulting from an integrated supply chain project born in 2006 thanks to the collaboration with an agricultural cooperative that grows two-row beer barley for the Fabbrica in Pedavena in various municipalities in the province of Belluno at slopes of the Dolomites. In this Italian Pils, you can feel all the lightness of the water that descends from the Belluno Dolomites, for a beer with a round and elegant taste. It has a compact and creamy foam embellished with floral notes obtained from the cold dosage of noble hops such as Spalt Select.

Birra Dolomiti - 6/11.159 fl oz



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