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Zoom Hosa - Scoundrels - 8 fl oz

Hosa - Scoundrels - 8 fl oz


Very limited supply!

Our most requested Special Edition Sauce reboot - this time around made only with chiles grown on a small, local farm! We have under a hundred bottle left, so ORDER NOW.

Use The Scoundrels to dip your dumplings, marinate your meat, or dress up your noodles and fresh veggies. Buy a few bottles for a super special holiday gift that HOSA fans will totally flip for!

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Ingredient Focus: Thai Chiles, Brown Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar
Sweet and sour, with depth and heat from Thai and Cayenne chiles, this isn't your run-of-the-mill sweet chili sauce. The Scoundrels' Thai and Cayenne chiles were born and raised by Broomstick Farm (Everson, WA) before fermenting for 2 months with earthy organic brown sugar - and finally, tarted up with crisp apple cider vinegar.

HOSA Heat Scale: Medium-Hot
Note: 8 oz screen printed bottles feature a removable flip-top cap; flip the cap open to use as a condiment, or unscrew it to pour it on as an ingredient!

Hosa - Scoundrels - 8 fl oz



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