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Hela will be CLOSED 4/2-4/6

Zoom May Wine Tasting

May Wine Tasting

Beautiful Italian wines by women wine makers, Monica & Daniela!  Ben is super fun and the snacks by Hela are always enjoyed. Just in time for Mother's Day.

"We are Monica and Daniela, two sisters born and raised breathing love for the winegrowing in the Roeroa colourful land, rich in biodiversity that fills us with new stimuli every day.

We have inherited a passion for vines and grapes, by our father Stefano and grandfather Tunin, and so we decided to start winemaking and bet on Pocapaglia.

We manage the entire wine production process: from the vineyard, where our father's help is still fundamental, to the cellar, without neglecting marketing.

We both believe in commitment and tenacity, two essential ingredients to achieve the desired quality. Together we have fun, for us it is not just an occupation but it is a life choice that sees us immersed in our passion eight days a week!"

May Wine Tasting



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