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Zoom Daniel's Artisan - Bonneville - 7 oz

Daniel's Artisan - Bonneville - 7 oz


BONNEVILLE - a decadent double cream wheel, washed in Syrah over several weeks as it reaches maturity. Savor the aroma of the grapes as you bring this cheese to your lips, giving you a taste of Dubrul Vineyards Estate wine from Cote Bonneville. This vineyard is special to Daniel because it was planted in 1992 the year he was born, and in his hometown within the Yakima Valley. The extra cream is added to an already rich milk, lending to the fudgy texture and deep yellow color. This cheese is a cheese for every occasion!

Winner of 2020 Good Food Award
Washington Cheese Festival People’s Choice 2019 - 3rd Place


Spicy reds like Syrah, but also Chardonnay or cider


Fruit and cheese plates, atop crostini with baked apples, topped with a little honey

Daniel's Artisan - Bonneville - 7 oz



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