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Zoom Foro - Dry Vermouth Di Torino - 1 L - 17.5%

Foro - Dry Vermouth Di Torino - 1 L - 17.5%


Award winning dry vermouth! 

In Foro's dry vermouth, Roman Wormwood is combined with various herbs and spices such as lemon peel, rosehip, thyme, aloe vera, gentian, and St. John's Wort. The result is a light vermouth with rich floral notes, lemon peel aromas, and flavors of dry white wine with hints of alpine flowers. Delicate and elegant. Made with organic Trebbiano grapes, this light, crisp, boldly aromatic vermouth makes the prospect of fully organic martinis a reality. Bottled at 17.5% abv.

Color: Pale straw yellow with green highlights

Bouquet: Rich floral notes with just a touch of lemon citrus

Taste: Dry, delicate, and exceptionally fragrant with hints of alpine flowers


Foro - Dry Vermouth Di Torino - 1 L - 17.5%



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