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Zoom Girl Meets Dirt - Island Pear Shrub - 500 ml

Girl Meets Dirt - Island Pear Shrub - 500 ml

A Good Food Awards 2022 & 2021 Finalist

This gently bay spiced pear shrub takes a cue from our signature Orcas Pear with Bay Spoon Preserves. We’ve whipped this flavor into shrub form for a taste of the islands just right for sipping. The deep pear flavor is accented with the softly gingery kick of fresh bay and lends itself to a perfect beachside soda or grillside Collins glass with vodka or bourbon and lots of crushed ice. Delicious in a bourbon shrub hot toddy (just add shrub and hot water).
We recommend ½-1oz shrub to 8oz sparkling water for a refreshing fruit tonic, or spice it up with a splash of liquor using our shrub cocktail formula below.

- ½-1oz shrub
- 1-1½oz spirit
- shake with ice
- top with sparkling water
- squeeze of citrus
- dash of GMD tree bitters

Ingredients: pears, organic fair trade cane sugar, organic raw apple cider vinegar (6% acetic acid), filtered water, bay leaves (contains the mother of vinegar)

Girl Meets Dirt - Island Pear Shrub - 500 ml



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