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Zoom Hosa - Dust - 0.8 oz

Hosa - Dust - 0.8 oz


From the producer:

DUST is HOT. After we produce our beautiful fermented hot sauces, we’re left with a rich pepper mash. How could we waste all the spiciness, savoriness, and sweetness? We combine, dehydrate, and grind this treasure trove to create DUST.

This fermented chile flake rub combines the heat and flavor of all the peppers we use for our sauces, the slight sweetness of brown sugar, the brightness of vinegars, and the umami magic of fermentation into a powerful seasoning mix.

That makes DUST a robust rub for barbecued or braised meat; a lively topping for pizza, popcorn, or pasta; a delicious ingredient in queso dip or casseroles; even an unexpected partner to chocolate ice cream for a spicy mole-inspired treat. And that’s not the limit! DUST goes everywhere! This seasoning is also slightly salty, which makes it perfect as a dry brine for any meat. Use it to spice up a vinaigrette; its brightness and slight sweetness will work great with that tart vinegar! Anywhere you want more heat, whether a little or a lot, DUST chile spice blend is your answer.

Ingredient Focus: ALL OF THEM
After we ferment, blend, and cook our diverse flagship sauces, we’re left with a vigorous mash comprised of all of our locally-grown chiles, a cocktail of flavorful vinegars, salt from the San Juans, a pinch of organic brown sugar, and the mystical umami of fermentation. We unite, dehydrate, and grind this delicious mixture into a uniquely HOSAfied dried chile spice. Carmen peppers, jalapenos, serranos, habaneros, ghost peppers… all those different chiles make DUST sweet, hot, fruity, and smoky all at once. It’s this balanced and beautiful flavor profile that makes DUST the perfect companion or ingredient for just about any dish.

HOSA Heat Scale: Medium
It is plenty spicy. It is lightly salty. It is a touch sweet. It is dried fermenty goodness. It is DUST.

Hosa - Dust - 0.8 oz



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