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Zoom Hosa Hot Sauce - The Standard - 8 fl oz

Hosa Hot Sauce - The Standard - 8 fl oz


From the producer:

A 2020 Good Foods Awards winner, our flagship sauce blends fresh and fermented orange habaneros with four other chile varieties from sources including Skagit Valley's Boldy Grown Farm and salt harvested by San Juan Sea Salt to create a vibrant, tangy, and versatile hot sauce. Fresh habanero peppers bring in bright notes like citrus and tropical fruit, while fermented habaneros introduce tanginess and let the deep, smoky notes from the peppers shine through. The Standard is a well-balanced medium-hot sauce that is bound to please novices and chile heads alike. This HOSA is your next full-time table sauce.

Ingredient Focus: Habaneros
The habanero is an ancient pepper, and there’s evidence of it being cultivated as far back as 8,500 years ago! While the habanero originates from Peru, it’s best known for its use in Mexican cuisine, specifically in food from the Yucatan region. It’s no coincidence that this region also uses a lot of fruit in its food!

The habanero was once considered the hottest pepper, with a Scoville rating of between 100,000 and 350,000, but the habanero is a deeply misunderstood chile. Once you get past the heat that it’s most famous for, the habanero offers a complex array of delicious flavors and invigorating aromas. With notes ranging from tropically fruity to robustly floral, habaneros have the potential to pair with anything from sweet fruit chutneys to custom mustard recipes. With the habanero pepper’s natural hint of smoke, it is also an excellent partner for pork and chicken, and a great heat source for barbecue rubs and sauces!

HOSA Heat Scale: Medium-Hot
Note: 8 oz screen printed bottles feature a removable flip-top cap; flip the cap open to use as a condiment, or unscrew it to pour it on as an ingredient!

Hosa Hot Sauce - The Standard - 8 fl oz



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