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Zoom Ish - G&T - 8.4 FL OZ

Ish - G&T - 8.4 FL OZ


This tastes like a really good full proof G&T!

Alcohol-free G&T <0,5% vol. (8 x 250ml)
Sugar: 5g/100 ml
Calories: 24 kcal/100 ml
Vegan certified

ISH G&T is a multi award-winning alcohol-free cocktail. Based on our ISH London Botanical Spirit and a quinine-forward tonic, we strive to deliver the most authentic non-alcoholic experience for the mindful drinker.

To create ISH G&T we source our botanicals such as sun-dried juniper berries from Southern Europe and coriander seeds mainly from Provence, France. They come together with a fresh citrus symphony consisting of lemon, lime, mandarin and bitter orange. Additionally we have developed a unique distillate using the shells from chili seeds to provide the satisfying heat we love from our cocktails.

ISH G&T can be enjoyed straight from the chilled can or dressed up in a glass with fresh rosemary, cracked black pepper and dried juniper berries. Want to add a slight buzz? Simply spike your ISH G&T with a dash of full strength Gin. The result is a mindful cocktail significantly lower in alcohol, compared to your traditional G&T.


Water, sugar, natural flavouring (includes juniper, coriander, black pepper, bitter orange and capsicum extract), carbon dioxide, acidity regulator: citric acid, preservative: potassium sorbate, flavouring: quinine.

Ish - G&T - 8.4 FL OZ



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