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Zoom Kidoizumi Shuzo 'Yamadanishiki Gold Label' - 750 ml

Kidoizumi Shuzo 'Yamadanishiki Gold Label' - 750 ml

Brewery: Kidoizumi Shuzo

Region: Chiba

Rice Variety: Yamadanishiki organic grown

Type: Junmai Nama Genshu

Polishing Rate: 60%

ABV: 18%

Ingredients: rice, water, kōji

Serving Temperature: chilled

Notes: Kidoizumi Shuzo have been brewing Sake since 1879 and the current Kuramoto (Brewery Owner) and Toji (Master Brewer) is Hayato Shoji. Shoji-san is the 5th generation to own and operate the brewery and has continued the tradition of the brewery in modern times. The focus at Kidoizumi is on traditional techniques, natural fermentation and ageing of Sake. They were one of the first breweries in Japan to offer Koshu (aged Sake) commercially in the 1960’s. They have a collection of aged products going back over the last 50 years with the oldest product being from 1967. All of the Sake at Kidoizumi are made using the Hot-Yamahai method which involves creating the starter (Yamahai traditional starter of simply placing the ingredients together and allowing the yeast activity to kick-off on its own) in very warm conditions. They have a long history of using this style of starter beginning in 1956 and are the only brewery in Japan to utilise the technique.⁠

Kidoizumi Shuzo 'Yamadanishiki Gold Label' - 750 ml



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