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Zoom Marie's Bees - Honey - 1 Pint

Marie's Bees - Honey - 1 Pint

Discover the Best Local Raw Honey from Whatcom County 

At Marie’s Bees, we’re proud to offer you the finest local raw honey, carefully harvested from the picturesque landscapes of Whatcom County. Our Quart of Raw Honey, weighing a substantial 4.2lbs, is a testament to the pure, unadulterated essence of nature’s sweet bounty.

Why choose our local honey?

Unmatched Flavor: Our honey adds a burst of natural sweetness to your tea, desserts, or dishes.
Healing Properties: Enjoy the potential health benefits associated with local honey.
Security in Quality: We ensure the highest standards of purity and quality in every jar.
When you choose Marie’s Bees, you’re not just selecting honey; you’re embracing a taste of Whatcom County’s richness and beauty.

Marie's Bees - Honey - 1 Pint



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