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Zoom Marie's Bees - Honey - 1 Quart

Marie's Bees - Honey - 1 Quart

Discover the Best Local Raw Honey from Whatcom County | Quart Size – 4.2 lbs, 1946.353ml

At Marie’s Bees, we’re proud to offer you the finest local raw honey, carefully harvested from the picturesque landscapes of Whatcom County. Our Quart of Raw Honey, weighing a substantial 4.2lbs, is a testament to the pure, unadulterated essence of nature’s sweet bounty.

Why choose our local honey?

Unmatched Flavor: Our honey adds a burst of natural sweetness to your tea, desserts, or dishes.
Healing Properties: Enjoy the potential health benefits associated with local honey.
Security in Quality: We ensure the highest standards of purity and quality in every jar.
When you choose Marie’s Bees, you’re not just selecting honey; you’re embracing a taste of Whatcom County’s richness and beauty.

Marie's Bees - Honey - 1 Quart



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