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Zoom Matiz - Paella Rice - 2.2 lb

Matiz - Paella Rice - 2.2 lb

Rice is not only a staple among the Spanish culture, it’s one of the most universally loved foods in the world. That’s because the right rice can enhance flavors, create delicious textures, and make unforgettable food for friends and family.

That’s why we grow Matiz España paella rice and ship it to your door from right here in Spain. Grown in the nationally protected L'Albufera Park of Valencia, we’re focused on bringing you the highest-quality paella rice possible, so your nice risotto, seafood bake, or homemade recipe is truly amazing.

Product Details:

· 100% Natural Paella Rice

· Arroz Tracicional (Medium Grain)

· Medium-Absorption Rate

· No Preservatives or Additives

· Nut, Soy, Diary, and Gluten Free

· Volume: 2.2 lbs.

· Product of Spain

Matiz - Paella Rice - 2.2 lb



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