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Zoom Matiz - Sofrito - 12.3 oz

Matiz - Sofrito - 12.3 oz

Cooking with Matiz Sofrito
We work with the small family producer Estilo Kiki in Valencia, Spain to bring you this gorgeous Matiz Sofrito. Their handmade sofrito is the first step to an authentic paella. The sofrito can be added to the paella pan just prior to adding the rice and other ingredients.
This Hand-Made Sauce is Your First Step to an Authentic Paella
Let's be honest. If you want to get to that wow-worthy paella that you remember having on the beach on some hot summer night in Alicante... you're going to have to take some shortcuts. Rich, complex flavors usually come from hours in the kitchen making homemade caldo (broth) with just the right ingredients, technique and time. Same goes for the traditional Spanish sofrito that is the base of every great paella recipe. Sofrito is a combination of tomatoes and olive oil and is roasted for hours, reducing the tomatoes to a thick sauce. Why not break out Matiz Sofrito and Aneto Valencian paella base to add layers of flavor in just minutes? Go ahead, we won't tell.

Matiz - Sofrito - 12.3 oz



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