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Zoom San Juan Island Sea Salt - Madrona Smoked Sugar - 4.5 oz

San Juan Island Sea Salt - Madrona Smoked Sugar - 4.5 oz


The Pacific Madrona (Arbutus menziesii) is a beautiful native tree that grows along our rocky slopes and in forest clearings. Its exceptionally hard wood is the perfect ingredient for cold smoking this organic cane sugar over two days. 

Due to the delicate nature of this smoked product, we find it keeps its flavor best when used as a finishing sugar. The smokey taste tends to shine through most strongly when the sugar hasn't been exposed to high temperatures. We don't recommend baking with this sugar as its aromas tend to cook out. However, the smokey flavor seems to shine through well in hot coffee, heated into a simple syrup and added at the last minute to sauces. 

Also use our smoked sugar for deepening the flavor of dressings, cocktails or for sprinkling a dash of magic on desserts. It's amazing when added to mixed berries, sprinkled on oatmeal or when tossed with roasted, buttered yams. 

Inspired By: The beauty of red barked Madrona that graces the coastlines of the San Juan Islands.

Tastes Like: Mellow notes of bonfire and caramel

Try it On: Mix into whipped cream, add to coffee, sprinkle on top of pies, make a simple syrup for cocktails

Ingredients: Madrona Smoked Organic Cane Sugar

San Juan Island Sea Salt - Madrona Smoked Sugar - 4.5 oz



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