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Zoom Sundstrom Cider - Cider/Cider - 750 ml

Sundstrom Cider - Cider/Cider - 750 ml


From the producer:

The Northern Spy apple is a source of New York pride, hailing from East Bloomfield, NY circa 1840. An incredible cultivar that has historically been prized as much for its contributions to Northeast cider as it has been for its contributions in the kitchen. From there it has become the most relied upon backbones of quality Northeastern ciders, balancing harmony with acidity and giving cider the mineral imprint the region is becoming known for.

The low pH vintage produced a wonderfully austere, bright and mineral driven example with orchard and stone aromatics that make it unmistakably Northern Spy.
Cider/Cider is a bottle for any and every occasion. It’s light enough to accompany brunch, refreshing enough to pound on a hot day, elegant enough to start a special meal, and versatile enough to study alone. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel, with brief aging on its lees before bottling without fining or filtration. The varieties showcased in Cider/Cider each year highlight the native US varieties, once celebrated but becoming increasingly rare, which mark the beginnings of quality for cider production amongst the region's various heirloom cultivars.

Sundstrom Cider - Cider/Cider - 750 ml



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