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Zoom Vega Medien - Alcohol Free Cava - 750 ml

Vega Medien - Alcohol Free Cava - 750 ml

This wine presents a straw yellow color with hints of green. It boasts fine and lively bubbles. On the nose, one can detect aromas of white stone fruit and citrus fruits. The balance between sugars and acids is well-maintained, resulting in a pleasant and refreshing experience. The finish is notably long, confirming its remarkably balanced qualities.

Ideal as an alcohol-free aperitif, this wine also pairs well with light dishes such as rice tables, seafood, pizza, or soft cheeses.

The vineyards are located at an altitude of 700 meters, which means there are significant fluctuations between day and night temperatures. During the night the vineyards experience cooling, which gives the wines liveliness and fresh acidity.

The soil is primarily composed of limestone, and some sandstone. It possesses excellent water management properties, retaining moisture effectively during prolonged dry periods.

Macabeo and Sauvignon Blanc blend to create a refreshing and flavorful wine. The alcohol extraction process occurs under vacuum and at low temperatures to maintain the wine's pure and aromatic characteristics as much as possible. It is dosed as Demi-Sec, offering a balanced sweetness.

Vega Medien - Alcohol Free Cava - 750 ml



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