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Zoom Wildfish Cannery - Rockfish with Sumac & Dill - 6 oz

Wildfish Cannery - Rockfish with Sumac & Dill - 6 oz


From the producer:

Add variety to your tinned pantry with our hook and line caught Alaska rockfish, gently flavored with sumac and dill.
Inspired by the classic pairing of dill and lemon, we chose sumac over citrus for its bright acidity, lemon-like familiarity, and stunning purple hues (if you’ve ever wondered what that purple spice on top of hummus is, that’s sumac!) Sumac appears in all kinds of global cuisines, and in ancient times sumac was used to add acidity to dressing and hints of tang and citrus to fish.
We think this makes a great uncommon addition to our classic smoked salmon varieties, and it’s perfect for tinned seafood lovers looking for a unique but mild and affordable whitefish, lightly flavored with a delicious spice blend.
Tasting notes: Dubbed by one taste tester as “budget-friendly crab!” you’ll find that the pleasant, mellow taste of Alaska rockfish is elevated—not overpowered—by the sumac and dill.
Serve it up: Rockfish is a delicate fish and flakes easily, so enjoy it directly from the tin very simply with some nice crackers, like the Hayden Flour Mills White Sonora or Farro crackers from our Pantry. You could also make a simple pate by mixing cream cheese, butter, a dash of onion powder, and, if you wish, a bit more fresh dill. A lovely medley of olives like Meditteranean Za’atar Olives from trusty supermarket brand Mezzetta would complete the vibe. Riff on the theme with a Sumac Martini or try Sparkling Sumac Lemonade for a bright, bubbly, alcohol-free beverage pairing.
Source: Southeast Alaska, spices sourced from Alaska Spice Company

Wildfish Cannery - Rockfish with Sumac & Dill - 6 oz



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